Why does the top of my candle look frosty/crusty?

Due to the nature of pure soy wax, candles sometimes exhibit what is known as "Frosting" or "Blooming". Rest assured that this is purely aesthetic, and in no way affects the scent throw, or burning characteristics of your candle.

Why Soy or Coconut wax?

Simply put, soy or coconut wax (especially coconut) costs more per pound than petroleum based paraffin wax. However, they burn cleaner, with way less soot than paraffin, and are plant based, making them biodegradable. They also award you longer burning times.

Why do our candles cost more than supermarket brands?

A couple of reasons really. More than often, the scented candles that you would find in dollar stores, or supermarkets, are made from a cheaper, and toxic petroleum byproduct known as paraffin. It is probably what we all grew up burning (with the exception of beeswax), but we now know better. Additionally, Irms and Ru is a small company which proudly measures, mixes, and pours candles by hand, in small batches. No automation here. We are therefore unable to, and simply not interested in competing with mass produced candles. Our candles speak for themselves!