About Us

Irms and Ru offers premium scented, hand poured soy candles.  We also carry an assortment skin friendly bath and body products, through our Lorato line.  Made in small batches, we are constantly working towards ensuring that our products are of high quality, and every bit of our packaging can be re-used, recycled, or is biodegradable.

What you'll get is a simple, yet attractively packaged product that is:
  • undyed

  • smells great
  • plant based (unless otherwise stated)

  • cleaner burning, longer lasting (in the case of our candles)

  • ethically produced

  • sustainable

  • packaging that can be re-used, recycled, or is biodegradable



    Delano Pierre

    Growing up in the Caribbean, I was no stranger to some of the simpler, yet rewarding experiences that nature could have offered.

    From the seaside to the woods, and all the fields and animals in-between. Those experiences not only helped shape me, but left long lasting memories, with scents tied to each of them.

    Years later, I find myself re-living some of my fondest memories, as well as trying to create new ones, using scent as a medium.